Apocalypse Pooh

Dieses Mashup kursiert schon seit einiger Zeit im Netz und wurde 1987 von Todd Graham erstellt. Erst kam es auf VHS in Umlauf bis es 2012 Online gestellt wurde. Gelungen Umsetzung Apocalypse Now mit Winnie the Pooh zu verbinden.

“Apocalypse Pooh” takes the soundtrack of “Apocalypse Now” and grafts it into the Winnie the Pooh animation. Martin Sheen remains as the narrator, except his on-screen presence here is Winnie the Pooh, who opens the film doing exercises by his mirror while awaiting his mission through Indochina’s heart of darkness. In keeping with the spirit of the Coppola original, Pooh sails up the river in seach of Kurtz (albeit using a honey pot as a marine craft). Rather than indulge in water skiing, our Viet vet Pooh gets to air-ski while being pulled by a kite as the soundtrack blasts to the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction.” (In case you here a strange gyrating noise, that’s A.A. Milne spinning in his grave.)